The world’s longest running Science-Fiction TV show and the most recognizable brand in British merchandising. BBC TV’s Doctor Who has been on UK television since way back in 1963, having a short break in the 90’s before being totally re-vamped in 2005 and reaching new heights of popularity. In it’s latest incarnation it is now spreading across the globe and finding new, fast growing audiences in America, Europe and Canada, whilst being more popular than ever with its established fanatical followings in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Underground Toys have more than 450 Doctor Who lines in their current offering, covering everything from Action Figures and other boy’s toys, through to household goods such as clocks, torches, money banks, science sets all which are expanding the brands appeal across all social groups (in fact female fans have been the quickest growing part of the fan-base in recent years). Underground are now also the worldwide licensee for the making of Doctor Who plush toys and these toys have had a great beginning at retail being widely stocked by mass market retailers.

Doctor Who is a brand that continually renews itself with each new Doctor (the character has now been played by 12 different actors) producing all new opportunities to market new lines to a huge and extremely devoted group of fans, of all ages from 6 to 60, male and female. BBC have Doctor Who at the centre of their push into new markets and are backing the show with huge promotional campaigns which are sure to grow the brands appeal even further.


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